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Guidelines and info

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Guidelines and info

Post  Admin on Thu Sep 16, 2010 10:42 pm

These are the guidelines and information on how this works.

Information on how this works
We will NEVER ban anybody without any hard evidence.
All evidence will be posted as a screenshot (picture).
As long as you follow the rules there will not be any problems but the rules WILL be enforced.
Everybody will be given 1 warning depending on the rule and severity. It will be sent as a private message to the offender and posted here with proof.
After the warning if the person continues it will result in immediate consequences. Anybody who creates multiple accounts to bypass the punishment will result in immediate permanent IP ban.

Levels of consequences
2)24 hour ban
3)7 day ban
4)1 month ban
5)1 year ban
6)permanent IP ban

The level of the consequence will be voted on by the moderation team

name of offender
Rule broken


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